Writing And Selling Short Fiction With Matty Dalrymple

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Writing short fiction can be useful for licensing and self-publishing income, or using them to grow your list and connect with readers. There are many more opportunities for shorts in the digital world and in today's interview, Matty Dalrymple gives plenty of ideas that you can use in your author business.

29:50 - Interview starts

In the intro, the UK government scraps 20% VAT on ebooks 7 months ahead of schedule [Publishing Perspectives], how reader behavior is changing in the pandemic [BookBub], growth in European ebook sales [LesEchos], Curtis Brown agent Jonny Geller has advised publishers to see lockdown as a time of change and “experiment” [The Bookseller], and some call for new models of selling direct and subscription [The Bookseller]

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Matty Dalrymple is a thriller and suspense author, as well as a nonfiction author and podcaster at Her latest book for authors is Taking the Short Tack: Creating Income and Connecting with Readers Using Short Fiction, co-written with Mark Leslie Lefebvre.

What defines a short story
Reasons to write short
On the cycle of serials being popular
How short stories can connect us with our readers and fans of a certain character
Ideas for how to monetize short fiction
Joining or creating short fiction anthologies
Tools for splitting royalties for anthologies
Options for audiobook versions of short stories
Co-writing tips and why having a contract in place matters

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