VLOG: RYKER commute - Late Christmas gifts, spinning Ryker tires, rushing to Wild West

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It's Friday, December 27, 2019, and Christmas break is over for me! So, I'm off for a Ryker commute today. Skip to the end of this description for clickable time indexes.

I took 3 days off of work for the holiday, but I have several large projects in progress that need to be completed before the New Year. I'm just doing my normal routine hitting about 3 stops and racking up about 110 commute miles on the Ryker.

I was able to pick up my late Christmas gifts from Wild West Motoplex, and I got them sent out to their new home before the shipping they should arrive before New Year's Day!

Time indexes:
0:00 : Christmas break is over, now it's back to work!
3:30 : Late Christmas gifts for the Ryker
4:58 : Arriving at my breakfast stop, usually my only meal until evening
6:16 : Done with breakfast, now off to spin the Ryker's rear tire on the wet pavement repeatedly
6:57 : I'm still in the peak of my busy season, probably won't see a break until February
9:30 : Why do I prefer consulting? I'm the ADHD poster child. ????
11:18 : Demonstration of the Rally's limited rear traction on wet pavement
13:54 : Still these tires really suck on wet pavement
15:04 : Resuming from Sugar Land for my return commute back home to Katy
16:17 : Wild West Motoplex said my Ryker parts arrived today!
18:15 : No lane-splitting on the darn!
19:20 : check out that beautiful sunset tonight!
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