Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will Make YO DADDY LEAVE HOME !

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Nuke's Top 5 SCARIEST videos of GHOSTS caught on camera! The creepiest videos of paranormal activity caught on camera. A Top 5 list of scary shadow figures, strange apparitions, and even poltergeist activity caught on video in plain sight. EVP s, apparitions, and other supernatural activity. Are these REAL scary ghost videos caught on camera? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax? You decide…
A guy tries out a Ouija board and thinks he might have summoned a demon into his house! A strange shadow figure in an abandoned house, a mysterious visitor caught on a Ring camera, and ghost hunters “ The Paranormal Files “ perform a paranormal investigation investigate a haunted house in Texas. A supernatural encounter with a ghost in a Mexico cemetery, and Chinese ghost hunter Xiaolong captures an apparition in an abandoned funeral home! Also, some scary tiktok videos .Allegedly REAL paranormal and poltergeist activity !

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