Top 10 Thriller Movies on Netflix

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If you're looking to Netflix and Chill to some thriller Netflix movies, you're most likely in the right place.

In this video, we're ranking the top 10 thriller movies on Netflix, with the Netflix trailers right there for you to watch. Watch these thriller movies right now or save them for your Netflix party or whatever that might come in the future.

However, if you'relooking for a different genre of movie to watch on Netflix don't forget to check out our channel for more lists, or just suggest what genre of movies you would love a list of.

Top 10 Thriller movies on Netflix

00:32 - Gone Girl
02:11 - Good Time
03:23 - Hereditary
04:53 - Zodiac
06:21 - Upgrade
07:33 - Uncut Gems
09:15 - Ex Machina
10:18 - The Perfection
11:10 - Drive
12:05 - No Country for Old Men

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