THRILLER BARK KUMA 60 Stamina ~ 4 teams (free to play included) and Moria farming - OPTC

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Took me long enough to make this. I tested positive to COVID-19, and I'm struggling with some nasty symptoms, therefore I really had to do some pauses and take my time.

I decided not to include any Smoker nor Sugar team, since you can find plenty of those around already.

Kaido team from ABLE LEE ()
Carrot team is a slightly modified version of the team from OPTC FANATIC ()


0:00 Moria (free-to-play)
0:40 Free-to-play team
4:25 V2 Whitebeard/Snakeman team
7:37 Carrot team
9:51 Kaido team

"Elevate" by LiQWYD ( Free download: )
"Summer" by Bensound ( )
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