The Last Kingdom - Twas the Night Before Christmas

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To help get you in the festive spirit on Christmas Eve, we present to you our special rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, with a Last Kingdom twist!

‘Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the land,
Not a Saxon was stirring, nor Danish war band.
A fire was burning in every Thane’s hall,
And a jolly Christmas Kingdom was hoped for by all.

In Eoferwic, Sigtryggr kept an eye on the border,
While enjoying another Yuletide with Stiorra.
As she slept with her battle sword under her bed,
Like a good warrior should, her father had said.

Brida was casting her runes in the wilderness,
To make sure next Yuletide was definitely…Uhtred-less!
A dream shared with Haesten as he gazed out to sea
‘fore striding home to his hall to finish decorating his tree.

In Mercia Aethelflaed sat, thoughts fixed on her throne,
And thought “how long must I listen to dull elder men moan?”
While Aldhelm stared at the flames in the hearth,
Hoping his gift to his lady would at least make her laugh.

Lady Aelswith was dreaming of an England united,
A thought she knew would make her Alfred excited.
King Edward was praying for new boots in the morning,
To keep his feet warm should the Danes come a-calling.

While Aelflaed was planning a grand Christmas dinner,
And hoping her son Aelfweard would turn out the winner.
Lord Aethelhelm counted his coin in his chamber,
And Father Pyrlig was sharpening his sword for his saviour.

But out in the wilds on a serious quest,
Lord Uhtred and his men were being put to the test.
For Christmas was a serious business this year,
And it was their mission next morning to deliver the cheer.

Finan was wrapping up presents in haste,
As this time he knew there was no time to waste.
And Sihtric was readying the horses outside,
So the heroes were ready for their Christmas day ride.

Would there be fighting or peace at Yuletide this year?
And would Eadith return from Frankia with their order of beer?
Only one thing was certain with Osferth in charge,
That the burgh’s decorations were sure to be large.

But out in the snow Lord Uhtred stood stilled,
Praying that Christmas would bring the thing he most willed.
To return to his birthright and take back his land,
So that on the ramparts of Bebbanburg as Lord he might stand.

To have his family around him on a cold Christmas night,
And all of England at peace with no battle to fight.
That we all soon might meet and feast in the hall,
All sing Merry Christmas, and know Destiny Is All.

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The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories series of novels. The Last Kingdom is a Carnival Films production for Netflix.
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