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To save her family’s failing restaurant, a desperate 20-year-old Asian girl parlays her Chinese food delivery expertise into a profitable drug hustle. This is the story of the Award This!-winning indie thriller Take Out Girl. Be a part of a special watch party for Take Out Girl hosted by comedian Loren Kling. Join director Hisonni Johnson, actress Hedy Wong and other members of the cast and crew for a watch party to remember.

Film Threat writer Andrew Stover gave Take Out Girl a rave review scoring it an 8 out of 10 and went on to say, “Hedy Wong’s performance as Tera is engagingly flinty and forceful, rupturing the silence with thousand-yard stares and revealing facial expressions that imply unspoken fear. By the time Tera begins fulfilling orders for Lalo, there’s a lingering sense of doom that stays with Tera throughout her unlawful journey. Under the watchful eye of Lalo’s chief enforcer, Hector (a charming yet rightfully intimidating J. Teddy Garces), and getting involved with a reformed convict named Nate (a gentle Dijon Talton), Tera crosses paths with many threatening and non-threatening faces determined to get something out of her, but as expected, she doesn’t always deliver. For the first 70 minutes, Hisonni Johnson’s Take Out Girl is an outwardly routine character study with a captivating perspective. But a genuinely surprising reveal does complicate things, consequently yielding a hurried conclusion with commendable (if fairly incomplete) ambition and intimacy.”

WATCH WITH US LIVE! Our Film Threat Watch Parties are a “Second Screen Experience.” So put the film on your TV and watch our running commentary on your computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile device. And please comment and ask questions during the watch party. The cast and filmmakers will respond live.

Be a part of the conversation and see Take Out Girl with the filmmakers and very special guests live at 8PM Eastern Time/5 PM Pacific Time on Friday, June 18th.

Buy or rent Take Out Girl now on Amazon Prime, iTunes and video on demand and watch along with us!

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Produced by Chris Gore and Bobby Schwartz
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