Saw IV (2007) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu | Fantasy Horror Saw 4 Jigsaw हिन्दी

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The Saw IV (2007) Netflix Horror Fantasy movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American Fantasy Horror film “Saw part 04 Jigsaw” story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. The plot is about a character “Lieutenant Rigg”. The one who is trapped on behalf of manic Jigsaw and is forced to be part of a puzzle game where he has to save the lives of his old companions. As always in this movie too many dangerous traps are laid. It is not so easy to eliminate these traps. It is a test of life and death. If you want to see a slasher thriller film, then it should be only Saw. Do you think the game is over? But the thrill game has just started. Please Like, Share, Subscribe.


Images and footage Source: Netflix , Lionsgate
Director: Darren Bousman
Produced by: Gregg Hoffman , Twisted Pictures , Oren Koules
Writer: Darren Bousman , Patrick Melton

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