Savaal - Hindi Thriller Short Film

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It is a small monologue which revolves around a psychotic teenager, here we ask you the questions which should be arising in your head while watching this video but they don’t because we don’t take these videos seriously and tears it as a visual for entertainment, Savaal will literally give you goosebumps if seen with the perspective it was created. Here we talk about the demons residing in all of us which thinks only of survival regardless of the damage it can give externally, so we really need to understand how important is it to take care of our own demons so they don’t go vulnerable.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: keval parmar
Writer: yash thakor
Producer: yash thakor and keval parmar.
Music / Sound: priyanshu raval
Editor: keval parmar
Cinematographer: keval parmar
Actors: yash thakor , karan mala

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