Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli police outside Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem

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Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated outside Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem after Friday prayers and clashed with Israeli police who fired rubber bullets and injured three, according to the Palestinian Red Cross.

Demonstrators gathered in response to an earlier flag march by Israeli nationalists on Tuesday in which dozens had chanted “Death to Arabs” and “May your village burn.”

The police had forcibly cleared the square and provided security for that rally, part of a parade to celebrate Israel’s conquest of east Jerusalem.

In a separate incident, a Palestinian teenager died Thursday after being shot by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank during a protest against a settlement outpost, the fourth demonstrator to be killed since the outpost was established last month.

Israel carried out airstrikes on Gaza over the past two nights, breaking a ceasefire agreement with Hamas, in response to “incendiary balloons” launched from Gaza towards Israel.

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