"Lock Your Doors on the Night Before Christmas" | 5 Scary Stories!

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"Lock Your Doors on the Night Before Christmas" | 5 Scary Stories!

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Stories about christmas, urban exploring, cursed objects and more. This video hosts 5 stories that will be sure to have you looking over your shoulder.

Story 1: Lock Your Doors on the Night Before Christmas
Written By: KindaNotSmart


Story 2: Something is wrong with my wife
Written By: dgrunert74


Story 3: Don't go urban exploring in New Jersey
Written By: Borbin_the_Beaver


Story 4: The door with the ivory handle
Written By: RyanHatesMilk


Story 5: My daughter has candles in her bedside drawer
Written By: SweDieselTech


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These are simply scary stories. Works of fiction, and not meant to be taken seriously.
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