Idiot Crosses Moving Train, Florida East Coast Railroad, Wife's Videos!

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Impatient man on a bike crosses through the moving train! ( 7:19 ) while Florida East Coast Railroad was switching a customer near Daytona Florida. Also, CSX freight crossing diamond in middle of highway and Amtrak crossing a railroad diamond after Teco Trolley passes. THESE VIDEOS WERE SHOT BY MY WIFE! The one where the CSX locomotives cross the 4 lane highway has both of our videos. Mine was the first one and hers is the second. Somebody asked me the other day in the comment section if my wife goes with me when I film. I put this together real quick to answer the question! Sometimes I use her videos but not very often and when I do it is noted in the description. I posted my own video of that guy on the bicycle crossing the FEC train but she actually got a better shot of it. The weird thing about that guy is that wherever he went to he wasn't there very long. Right after you see the end of the train clear the level crossing he here comes back again on his bike. The FEC train was filmed in Vero Beach, Florida. The CSX light locomotives were filmed south of Tampa. The railroad diamond in the roadway was filmed in Mulberry. The diamond with the Teco Trolley and Amtrak crossing in a row was filmed in Tampa. This video was filmed February, 2020. Thanks for watching!

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