Ex-Blue Peter presenter John Leslie cleared of sexual assault at Christmas party

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Former TV star John Leslie fought back tears as he was found not guilty of sexually assaulting a woman he had just met at a West End celebrity party.

The former Blue Peter and This Morning host was accused of laughing as he brazenly grabbed a woman’s breasts just after arriving at the 2008 showbiz Christmas bash.

But Leslie, 55, told Southwark crown court the allegation was “ludicrous”, insisting he would have stepped in to stop any mistreatment of women and certainly would not have done it himself.

Leslie’s TV career was wrecked in October 2002 when he was publicly accused of raping fellow star and ex-girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson, and then faced a slew of unproven allegations of sexual misconduct.

He was charged with indecent assault in 2003 but the case against him was dropped at court, and police questioning over a rape claim in 2008 led to no charges being brought.

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