Every MrBeast YouTube Video (Comedy Sketch)

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MrBeast has YouTube down to a specific
SO today I tried to replicate a MrBeast YouTube Video

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Today's video is every MrBeast YouTube Video. MrBeast is a really cool guy who is always giving back money to his community and the world. Honestly, he's really amazing. However, in today's video, I wanted to make fun of his YouTube format of giving away tons of money.

I know Gus Johnson did something semi-like this a while back, but I wanted to kind of remake it for the new series I'm working on! Enjoy this funny MrBeast Comedy Sketch!

Which other Youtubers should I do? PewDiePie?

Thumbnail By: ToastyCPU#4982 (Discord)

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Hew Moran is a comedian and gamer that releases new Comedy Sketch videos, every Monday and Friday, on various topics ranging from video game series as a family (if Halo Games were a Family) to dad's doing yard work!
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