DUNE (2020) Trailer Is Coming Very Soon!

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Catch up on the latest news including Dune 2020, Wonder Woman 1984, Tenet, Thor 4: Love and Thunder, Hawkeye Series, The Witcher: Blood Origin and the Emmy Nominations

There are only very few films that are scheduled to be released in cinemas this year. One of them is "Dune". As now reported by Trailer-Track, the first trailer for the desert thriller will be shown before the cinema re-release of "Inception" on the occasion of its tenth anniversary on August 14th, 2020. This is probably intended to lure fans into the cinema, as it is not expected that the trailer will be released online at the same time, after all "Inception" will be released in cinemas on different days in different countries. As soon as we have the trailer ready we will of course notify you - just activate the bell and stay up to date. The expected release of the movie is at the end of the year on December 18,

The streaming service Disney+ can look forward to an addition soon. Meant is the new "Hawkeye" series, which was dominated by some rumors in the past days. Among other things it was reported that Hailee Steinfeld, known from "Bumblebee", is the preferred successor of the Marvel archer. Many fans were very pleased with this news, because in the past fans had already expressed their wish for Steinfeld to play the role of Kate the site The Illuminerd and Marvel- Insider Jeremy Conrad report, the contract with her is supposed to have been signed already, although great caution is recommended here. The Illuminerd is a relatively new site and hasn't really been able to make a name for itself with exclusive revelations in the

As Warner Bros. reported a few days ago, their latest feature film "Tenet" will first be shown in international cinemas before a release in the USA can be considered. A release in 70 countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany is planned for August 26. As we already suspected, "Tenet" will then be released in the USA on September 3rd. This is intended to send out a signal to the world that, if necessary, the continuity of release dates will be waived and that a pragmatic decision will be made depending on the health situation in the country, which is why the USA will be the loser in this

With the first season of "The Witcher" Netflix was able to impress fans and critics around the globe. After the animated film "Nightmare Of The Wolf" was already announced, fans can now look forward to further additions to "The Witcher" universe. The new live-action series will be called "Blood Origin" and will include a total of six episodes. The content will be a story set 1200 years before the main plot and will deal with the decline of the elven

On 20 September this year, the annual Emmy awards ceremony will take place to honour various television formats. A few days ago, the circle of favourites was further reduced, as the nominations have now been officially confirmed. One streaming provider stands out at the top of the list all by itself, namely Netflix. The Californian company has a total of 160 nominations and is therefore undoubtedly throwing HBO off the throne with its 107 nominations. The brand new streaming service Disney+ can also be

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