Dr. Harold E. Salem - The Message Of Christmas Past - Christian Worship Hour

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Dr. Harold E. Salem - The Message Of Christmas Past - Christian Worship Hour

About Christian Worship Hour
A South Dakota ministry seeking to minister the Word of God to the whole world.

About Dr. Harold E. Salem
Harold E. Salem was born near Belle Fourche, South Dakota. He graduated from Northwestern Bible School and Seminary with a Master's degree in Theology and earned the Doctor of Ministry degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary.

On June of 1944 he began serving the First Baptist Church of Belle Fourche, South Dakota, his home church and his first church. He served the church 13 1/2 years. In January 1958, he accepted the call to the First Baptist Church of Aberdeen, South Dakota, where he has served 52 1/2 years.

In August 2010, he resigned from First Baptist so as to give full time to the Christian Worship Hour. Today the program is on Daystar, INSP, CW+ and TCT Networks along with 67 other stations reaching homes across America. Middle East TV (METV), Daystar and Gospel Network carries the service worldwide.

He has four children: Sharron, Daniel, Patty, Michael, 12 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. His wife, Beulah, went to be with the Lord on Christmas Eve, 2005. Of her, Pastor Salem writes, "If I have attained any good in this life it is because of the help of Jesus Christ and my dear wife, Beulah, who stood by me, believed in me, encouraged me for 59 1/2 years and without whose loving help I could not have run the race."
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