Dollar Tree NEW 9-11-20 *Christmas!!

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Happy Friday everyone!
I managed to make it out to all 5 Dollar Tree stores near me this week in DFW/Texas. It's been a crazy busy week, but I was hoping to find one of the stores with some of their first Christmas stock out. Knowing my luck, I knew if any of the stores had some Christmas items, it would surely be the one that is the furthest and jackpot! LOL. Sure enough the one that is furthest away, had a full aisle , end cap and floral section fully stocked with mainly Christmas crafting supplies. One of the best finds in the Christmas section in my opinion was the buffalo plaid deco mesh rolls. They had them in both red/black check and black/white check. Those will surely be a hot item this year. I found a few more new fall items too. The pumpkin tea light candle votives are really pretty, and they are painted in the very popular blue shades and white. The trinket boxes were unpacked this week, and they are also really pretty and a lot larger than I thought they were going to be.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks Dollar Tree walkthrough. Again there are a lot of items to see in this video but they were NOT found at just one store. I try and usually do get to all 5 stores nearest to my town, then combine all that I find into one video.

Have a great weekend!!!!!
Rebecca, Stu & The Crew

if you are just wanting to see the new seasonal items, some are show in the beginning of the video when I show what I bought. The rest of the seasonal items are about 3/4 of the way through the video at about the 15 minute mark. It's marked with a slide screen labeled "Seasonal" and I split that section into subsections "fall", "Halloween", and "Christmas".
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