CORE SET 2021 DRAFT IS INCREDIBLE!!! (Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast)

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Thanks again to Wizards of the Coast for giving me a free preview account for the Early Access Event! It was super fun to play in, and I really appreciated the opportunity.

Welcome to my first Core Set 2021 Draft! In this Core Set 2021 Draft I did tons of analysis on each and every pick, discussing every relevant card in the pack so you know what to do in your own Core Set 2021 Drafts! I ended up with a sweet deck built around drawing multiple cards per turn, and I played some epic matches against other content creators, including one of my personal favorites Kenji "NumotTheNummy" Egashira! If you are trying to get ready for your Prerelease or your first Draft of Core Set 2021, this video has tons of information to help you crush your competition! Remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe to support the channel! Feel free to discuss any element of the draft or the gameplay in the Comments and I will gladly respond with my thoughts or answers!

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