Christmas Calm - Speedpaint

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READ. THE. DESCRIPTION. It shall answer any magical questions you may have. If it doesn't, feel free to ask. :)

This is a commission from Otterstream456!

Characters (starting from left, nearest to fire and going around semi-circle) : Mistyflower (grey striped she-cat), Willowsong (calico she-cat), Breezetail (brown marked she-cat), Stagheart (brown striped tom), Otterstream (light grey tabby she-cat), Runningspirit (brown marked tom), and Nightfeather (brown tabby she-cat).

Obviously this is a late ^^; Still, Merry Christmas! Wee~

Hope you like it!

Program: Photoshop CC/Paint Tool SAI
Tablet: MobileStudio Pro13
Deviantart: Riverspirit456
Recorded With: Windows 10 Game Recorder
Edited With: Imovie
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