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A tense, psychological thriller set in early 90s London where a minicab driver (Winston Ellis) turned moral crusader collides with Jink’s (Darren Kent) a creature of the night on the tale end of a bad deed. An unsettlingly journey unfolds as they attempt to make sense of their own uncertain destinies.

Catford Jesus is a Cass Pennant production written and directed by Dan Jones & Chris Fretwell starring Winston Ellis (The Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean) and Darren Kent (Game of Thrones, Mirrors).

#london #shortfilm #thriller

Directed by Dan Jones. Chris M Fretwell
Produced by Cass Pennant
DOP Luke C. Harper
Editor: Gez Morris
Composer: Paul Farrer
Screenplay by Dan Jones

Starring Winston Ellis and Darren Kent
For production crew:

Music: All rights reserved to the following Artists.

Bal’ Headed Woman (Instrumental) by Miraculous Mule
Highway Sound by Miraculous Mule
Ghost on The Motorway by Michael Sheehy
Into the Tunnel (Composed) by Paul Farrer
Conversation (Composed) by Paul Farrer
Science Mysteries by Zac Jordan
CJ Club by Matt Evans
South London Soliloquy by Toby Tobias Smith

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