Biloela Tamil family sends video message from Christmas Island after federal court ruling

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‘We are very thankful all to the wonderful people in Australia who support us,’ said Priya Murugappan, the mother of a Tamil family from Biloela, Queensland, being held in detention on Christmas Island. The family released the video message after Australia’s federal court upheld a ruling that the government’s handling of the visa application of the youngest daughter denied her procedural fairness.

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‘We didn’t get much sleep last night, but tried to stay positive and hope that the minister will let us go back to Bilo,’ she says. ‘I want my daughters to grow up with freedom and peace.' The decision means the family will not be removed from Australia while the legal process continues, but will remain in detention on Christmas Island without ministerial intervention. 

Biloela Tamil family to remain on Christmas Island after federal court upholds ruling on daughter's visa ►

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