Best Mic For YouTube Videos (and Realtors!)

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Best Mic For YouTube Videos (and Realtors!)

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The best mic for YouTube videos and Realtors is the one that gets the job done without getting in the way. The Deity V Mic D4 Duo offers features that other mics simply don't. It has a rear mic, so you can flip your camera around, point at a subject, and keep talking with crystal clear sound.

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Is the Deity D4 Duo the best mic for YouTube? In this price range - under $100 - it just might be! It might be the best chap mic or best budget mic out there! With 2 built in cardiod pattern "shotgun" mics, you get some crazy value. It might also be the best boom mic on a budget. The sound quality is pretty great and the versatility has no equal. The Deity D4 duo has an input to attach another mic, as well as the ability to split the audio into two mono channels so you can mix the tracks separately in post. For example, you can plug a lave mic into the D4 for your guest to speak into, while you talk into the D4. If you're a real estate agent or any YouTube content creator looking for an all in one mic at this price point, you should consider the Deity D4 Duo. It might just be one of the best microphones for YouTube videos and Realtors!

I'm a Realtor - and I love vlogging. There is no other mic out there that offers these features for vlogging! To be able to flip the camera around and keep talking makes this perhaps the best microphone for vlogging!

00:00 Intro
00:46 Built in camera mic
01:28 My current mic: Rode VideoMic Pro
02:00 Unboxing the Deity V Mic D4 Duo
02:14 Deity V Mic D4 Duo Features
02:35 2 mics!
03:18 Deity V Mic D4 Duo jacks
03:47 Discreet audio
04:19 Mounting options
04:29 Shotgun mic advantages
04:42 Winds screens/dead cats
04:57 For a GoPro?
05:24 Deity V Mic D4 Duo sound comparison
06:05 Noise floor
06:48 Vlog test
08:32 Preliminary verdict
10:10 Final verdict

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