Bayleigh & Da'Vonne vs Christmas Fight in the BB22 All Stars House after veto ceremony

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Hello Internet my names Ory! This video is a breakdown of the big post veto fight between Christmas, Da'Vonne, and Bayleigh last night in the #BB22 house. Whether we are watching the #BB22livefeeds, talking about #bigbrother or playing games like #AmongUs or #FallGuys, we are here to hang out and always choose kindnes

Despite Da’Vonne’s best efforts, she lost the closely Veto fought contest to should have meant that the nominations stayed the same.

But Tyler Crispen decided he couldn’t let that happen. In a jaw-dropping turn of events, he held a heartfelt conversation with Bayleigh and Da’Vonne on Sunday and apologized for his duplicitous behavior in the house. He asked for their forgiveness and then proceeded to meet with Christmas and offer himself up as a renomination.

Christmas demurred a decision and asked Tyler to consider the ramifications of his request overnight. On Monday, he went back to her and asked again but she convinced her secret ally to stay in the game for at least one more week.

At the POV ceremony, Christmas confirmed that the nominations would remain as they were. A dispute over what is personal, what is game and if there is any difference in the Big Brother house erupted into a fight between Bayleigh, Da’Vonne and HoH Christmas.“I was expected to execute what she (Bayleigh) wants and now she has an attitude with me,” Christmas told Da’Vonne.“It is not what SHE wanted. It was what HE wanted,” said Da’Vonne.“Fine then he can do it on his own terms,” said Christmas. “It is not my responsibility to put him up there because he wants to go home. I am not doing that.”“I can understand her being upset with the situation and frustrated but I cannot explain to her how to separate personal and game,” said Christmas.“You don’t tell anyone that a person is your untouchable,” she continued referring to the fact that Bayleigh revealed to her that Da’Vonne is her “untouchable”. She will never vote her out of the house and never nominate her."She feels heavily betrayed by you,” said Da’Vonne. “You hurt the girl’s feelings. That is the bottom line.”“There is no such thing as personal game information,” Christmas “She trusted you. You took information she gave you and used it against her,” Da’Vonne accused.“This is Big Brother,” laughed Christmas. “I exposed her because you are a duo.” “We weren’t a duo,” claimed Da’Vonne.“Well, she says you are her untouchable. What the f—k am I supposed to do with that information?” said Christmas as Bayleigh entered the ’Vonne got up and headed into the kitchen.“I am going to walk away,” she sarcastically wished her a good night.“You don’t get to play victim in this situation!” said Bayleigh walking away."Back up and get your fingers out of my face! You want to say bitch and all of these things?” yelled Bayleigh.“I didn’t say bitch to her,” said a confused Christmas.“F—ck off!” yelled Christmas after Bayleigh.“I would be labeled as something crazy,” said Bayleigh if she had lost her cool with Christmas. Christmas laughed clapping her Abbott nominated Da'Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton and won the veto to prevent anyone using it to save them. In a shocking turn of events, Tyler Crispen approached Bayleigh and Da'Vonne on Sunday night in tears and upset about the way he's played his game. Tyler and Bayleigh famously had a massive fight when they competed on Season 20 of Big Brother, and the event was traumatic enough for both parties that it's no surprise it has reared its ugly head again, despite seemingly having been quashed outside the house. As houseguests chattered about the potential building feud between them in the house, Tyler finally approached Da'Vonne and Bayleigh with kind words and a surprising proposition Tyler Crispen then went to Christmas Abbott's Head of Household room and talked with her for over two hours. Unfortunately, Big Brother All-Stars' production team kept live feed viewers out of the conversation, likely to save some drama for Wednesday's episode. If the plan discussed is what it sounded like, Tyler asked to be put on the block and hopes to be voted out of the house as opposed to Bayleigh Dayton or Da'Vonne of this morning, it sounds like the plan is going to happen, which will come as a shock Dani Briones suspected Tyler was trying to convince Christmas to put her on the block. Tyler was in about one of the safest positions in the game, so there's certainly going to be some confusion all around on this 's also the fact that we don't know exactly what Christmas Abbott and Tyler Crispen discussed. We know what he told Da'Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton before entering the room, but a lot can happen in a conversation that exceeds two hours. Remember, Tyler is Christmas' "Final 2" in #BigBrotherAll-Stars #bb22 #bb22livefeeds
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