7 Things You Missed™ in Se7en (1995)

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Se7en contains a number of subliminal messages that flash onscreen for only 1/24th of a second! I'll explain their meaning + other Things You Missed™.
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GLUTTONY. GREED. SLOTH. ENVY. WRATH. PRIDE. LUST. David Fincher's 1995 Serial De-lifer film, Se7en is filled with symbols and often overlooked details.

In the spirit of the Seven Deadly Sins, the teachings upon which the criminal antagonist John Doe based his crimes, I've narrowed down my own teachings for this episode to just 7 key things you (might have) missed. From the secret alphanumeric codes hidden in the film's opening title sequence, to the chess match where our protagonists, Detective Mills and Detective Somerset, engage in a psychological battle with John Doe, I'll be breaking down every significant detail, hidden secret and interesting character attribute in the movie. "What's in the box?!"

This will be the beginning of a David Fincher mini-marathon, where I cover each of his horror/thriller type movies. I'm not starting with Alien³, because I figure I'll do the entire Alien franchise at one point, and when I do, I'd like to do them together, in order.

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--About Se7en--
Director David Fincher's dark, stylish thriller ranks as one of the decade's most influential box-office successes. The film concerns Det. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman), a homicide specialist just one week from a well-deserved retirement. Every minute of his 32 years on the job is evident in Somerset's worn, exhausted face, and his soul aches with the pain that can only come from having seen and felt far too much. But Somerset's retirement must wait for one last case, for which he is teamed with young hotshot David Mills (Brad Pitt), the fiery detective set to replace him at the end of the week.

--About Things You Missed--
These videos point out some of the little details you may have missed in your favorite horror franchises as I analyse their meaning and why they are noteworthy. I'll breakdown every small detail, easter egg, reference, connection, motif, cameo, callback and homage that I can find! Typically, I'll cover Things You Missed in horror movies, and Things You Missed in horror film trailers.

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