????2020 YouTube Review by numbers + ????Upcoming Videos (+ bloopers)

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⬇️In this video:
???? We will "watch" the numbers of my channel!
????How many videos I produced in one year, how many followers I gained, etc and also future plans and videos for 2021

Let 2021 bring you happiness.
365 more days to shine and make your dreams come true.


???? The 3 most watch videos of 2020
3. Vlog: I quit my Job ????&& moved out to a new place alone????‍♀️ | 2020

2. Vlog: Final exams & a broken leg????‍♀️ +bloopers | 2020

1. ????How To Create An App In 10min + PhoneGap +Tips |2020| ????Step by Step Tutorial

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