10 Best YouTube Thumbnail Fonts to Use for Your Videos

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In this video, I outline the best free YouTube thumbnail fonts that you can use to step-up your video thumbnail designs. Using better thumbnail text will help you attract more views and have you stand out on the platform.

Free YouTube Thumbnail Maker:
Best YouTube Thumbnail Fonts:

The first 5 fonts I showcase in this video can be found in Snappa and the last 5 fonts I showcase can be downloaded in the links below and uploaded into Snappa to use.

Use Snappa to Create Thumbnail:

0:00 The Importance of a Cool YouTube Thumbnail Font
0:38 YouTube Video Text Tips & Tricks
1:53 Thumbnail Font #1: Bangers
2:13 Thumbnail Font #2: League Gothic
2:35 Thumbnail Font #3: Montserrat Extra Bold
2:50 Thumbnail Font #4: Fira Sans Extra Bold
3:11 Thumbnail Font #5: Anton
3:33 Thumbnail Font #6: LongHaul
3:49 Thumbnail Font #7: The Outbox
4:09 Thumbnail Font #8: Gotham Bold
4:27 Thumbnail Font #9: Exo 2
4:43 Thumbnail Font #10: Dry Brush

If you're looking for more top fonts to use for your YouTube thumbnails, be sure to leave a comment below and if I get enough interest, I'll outline some of my other favorite free fonts to use.

Here's where you can download these fonts to add into Snappa:
The Outbox:
Gotham Bold:
Exo 2:
Dry Brush:

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